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    Our Skills


    Full Service and Marketing

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    4siteVideo has worked with numerous startups and we love helping others succeed. We understand the full process from idea, to pitch deck, to sizzle reel, to funding. 4siteVideo will help you develop a digital media content strategy to help your business stand out.

    Video Production

    Full Service Video Production – 4siteVideo is adept at producing videos of all types -for Commercials, Documentaries, Music Videos, Viral Videos, Showcase Videos, Product Videos, Testimonials, Display, Promotional, Sizzle Reels, Real Estate, DIY, Web Series, TV Shows.


    4siteVideo thinks beyond the production of the video to consider how and where the video will be distributed. We create content for multiple platforms and integrated campaigns. 4siteVideo will help promote your videos through Facebook, Google Ads and Youtube.

    Website Design

    4siteVideo can create your website from a very basic start up site to a fully customizable user experience.
    We have designers and graphic artist to help make your site sing!

    Social Media

    Don’t have a social media presence or need help promoting an event, launch or product? 4siteVideo can create your social media channels or enhance them with digital content, graphics, or integrated social media campaigns.


    Develop your Brands search presence for optimized results and more targeted traffic to your site.
    An SEO strategy helps define your business. 4siteVideo produces videos with SEO in mind for relevance and higher rankings on Google.

    • Brain Storming

      Consultation is Free. 4siteVideo first listens to your needs. We will then help you develop a plan to bring you the biggest impact with your audience and budget in mind.

    • Planning

      4siteVideo is a one stop shop, from concept to creation. We will be with you every step of the way. There will be no surprises and the outcome is guaranteed to surpass your expectations

    • Production

      We have all it takes. From a variety of HD Cameras, 2k, 4k, to securing locations, studio rental, actors, graphics, animation, voice overs, and licensed music

    • Marketing & Distribution

      4siteVideo will compress your video for easy upload to your website, YouTube or any other Social media Channel.
      Have an Ad budget? We will help you get the attention you need. Facebook Ads, Google Ad and Youtube Promoted Ad Campaigns.

    We Are Dedicated and Driven

    We think Big

    The team at 4siteVideo has a passion for visual storytelling and thinks beyond just producing an interesting video. We look to understand your business, see where you needs are and produce content that connects with your your audience. Our Goal is to produce a video that not only gets your message out, but is impactful

    We offer Value

    4siteVideo loves small businesses.  We understand that not every business has a big budget to work with. We will analyze your needs and find the best solutions that works for you. How do we do it? 4siteVideo does not have the overhead of a Big Production Company. We are a boutique company,  flexible in that we can work on projects from small to large by having a core core group of creatives and bringing in additional top notch artists for each individual project.

    We have Amazing Artists

    We are a collective of creatives that our top notch in our industry, from award winning cinematographers, editors, creative directors and producers. We are passionate and all  with a common goal. Boost your Brand, increase awareness and engage your audience.

    We can create anything imaginable

    4siteVideo has worked with a wide array of clients and produced content of all types. Documentaries, Commercials, Music Videos, Viral Videos, Showcase Videos, Sizzle Reels, Display Videos, Testimonials, Promotional, Product Videos, DIY, Web Series, TV Shows.

    We are easy to work with

    Founder of 4siteVideo, Greg Montemurro takes each project as his own personal challenge and is vested in your success. Greg will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring a smooth production with no surprises. 4siteVideo will never go over budget or will seek out approval for any additional requests that might enhance the project. The ultimate goal is your satisfaction and along the way, we try to make it a fun and enjoyable experience.

    Sampling of Clients

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