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Corporate Video

The theme  "Wherever you want to go, Long Beach Transit takes you there." The goal was to showcase all the various means of transportation LB Transit offers while also highlighting the many places you can visit. LB Transit also wanted to portray how vital  their role is of bringing communities together.

When LAX opened their new West Gates terminals, some complained that they were so far away. The goal was to create a video showing how easy it is to get there and the different amenities along the way to make your flying experience more enjoyable.

The Albert Robles Center was 7 years in the making and 4siteVideo followed it all the way through to this final showcase video.

This is the Water Replenishments District's pride and joy and a lifesaver for California keeping us resistant to drought and imported water, through their groundwater recycling process. We produced numerous videos along the way to inform the community about each stage of funding. building and opining of the 20 million dollar facility.

Here Media, The largest LGBTQ media network wanted to showcase their unique history, their proud staff and digital assets to obtain additional funding for their expanding online video subscription services. Huge success.

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