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4siteVideo has worked and helped sway numerous political campaigns.

4siteVideo working with Dakota Communication helped launch Traci Park to victory in a heated campaign for Los Angeles City Council's District 11

Greg Montemurro acting as Digital Content and Social Media manager was instrumental in overseeing all aspects of Traci Parks media from Social posts to Broadcast TV to Digital Ads. Montemurro also was the Social Ads Campaign Manger for promoting/setting up and manager Ad buys for Traci across 

Meta Platforms.  
Traci park exploded on the scene to send her to a runoff behind Leader Eric Darling who she was able to easily surpass in the runoff campaign. A Big success Traci Park and the citizens of District 11.

Watch other winning videos for numerous Campaigns we created.

A Case Study - Measure C in Redondo  Beach

Screenshot 2019-04-14 19.27.57.png

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Standing up against Big Corp $$



When a big developer was trying to push an oversized development in Redondo Beach, the community felt their voice was not being heard. It was hardly what they wanted.

Screenshot 2019-04-14 19.28.10.png
Screenshot 2019-04-14 19.28.18.png

A Mall at the Beach? More Traffic? Huge Parking Garages, Obstructing Views?

Rescue our Waterfront, who had gotten a measure on the upcoming ballot, in an attempt to halt the project stood up, but they had little in assets to fend off the developer CenterCal, which had over ½ million to spend on promoting their development and was well in the lead. Their vision close to becoming a reality.


With just weeks away from a crucial vote, and a small budget to work with, 4siteVideo and lead creative Montemurro was brought on board. Instead of   producing one, big budget video, Greg began producing an abundance of relatable short videos;  impactful, and humorous clips that really resonated with the community, and signaled a rallying cry to get out and vote. 

Montemurro turned to another news journalist Heidi Cuda to help promote other city candidates who aligned with this cause. The stream of videos were heavily shared across social media. The Community came together, their message through social and street protests, rang loud and clear at election time.

Measure C was passed overwhelmingly to defeat the development and new council members and a new town mayor were elected.

Here are some of the Videos that helped sway the vote.

Measure C

Measure C

Measure C
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For the Birds

For the Birds

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Don't Get Malled by CenterCal

Don't Get Malled by CenterCal

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Examples of Social Media Posts

Heavy Engagement and sharing.

Screenshot 2019-04-14 20.08.15.png
Screenshot 2019-04-14 20.19.36.png
Screenshot 2019-04-14 20.08.45.png

And a shout out from the Head of Rescue our Waterfront

As the President of Rescue Our Waterfront (ROW), I managed a political campaign in Redondo Beach. ROW is a grassroots community organization which wrote a law changing zoning in our harbor to stop a mall from being built on our coast. Our Yes on Measure C campaign was up against a corporation which spent $525,000 to try to defeat us and build their mall. Our total budget was around $20,000.

4siteVideo with lead Creative Producer, Greg Montemurro produced a series of videos that instantly captivated the community though social media and helped get our message out.

We were blown away by the success! These videos quickly went viral, the first garnering nearly 100,000 views. Ten more videos followed with similar success, each creative in their own way. One music video helped reach out to a younger demographic we were lacking. These videos certainly gained attention for our cause and got us votes. I cannot emphasize enough how important Greg was to our successful election, which won with 57% of the vote.

Even the local papers recognized the impact Greg had. On March 8, the Easy Reader News wrote "However, Measure C seemed to capture the imagination and passion of voters. As the election came to a close, viral videos and creative images began circulating via Facebook." That is a direct reference to the work of Greg.

Our success would not have been possible without Greg and his team. He was easy to work with and creative. Since I was busy juggling a campaign, it was a relief that Greg used his own creativity to make amazing videos with a huge impact with minimal input from me. I would provide a few concepts or ideas and then allow Greg to run with it. The final product was always better than I could have imagined.

Greg was my secret weapon to win Yes on C. He was supported by a great team, with news journalist Heidi Cuda, helping us convey our message through interviews and social media. To the entire 4siteVideo team, thanks for your help saving our coastline!


MARTIN HOLMES - President of Rescue Our Waterfront (ROW)

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