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Small Businesses

What is Biltong? That was the challenge of introducing this brand to the market and a new location in La Holla. We scheduled a free wine and biltong session to capture real testimonials and reactions. People were blown away and helped increase awareness and exposure for Jonty Jacobs.

Is your car a lemon? Lemon Larry to the rescue! 4siteVideo helped this local SouthBay business introduce its character Lemon Larry to the market with a series of videos for social and streaming ads on Hulu.

4siteVideo is proud to work with local small businesses in helping produce affordable and effective campaigns. This commercial utilized the amazing talents of owner/Choreographer Donna Perkins of Dance 1 studios to shoot these talented performers through the community 

Hermosa Cyclery is well established within the SouthBay, but these owners wanted to promote their extensive line of bike rentals, repair shop as well as the beautiful seaside rides their bikes provide. Mission Accomplished.

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