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Real Estate Video Production in Los Angeles and Beyond

Every place has a story to tell...

We bring properties to life.

We Create Compelling Content to Promote Real Estate Agents, Properties and the Cities people live in.

At 4siteVideo, we create compelling stories that help draw an emotional connection with your audience.

Whether you are selling a home, commercial property, promoting a resort, or selling yourself as the go-to agent in your area, 4siteVideo builds your brand and helps separate you from the others.

Sure you can turn to a slew of companies offering home video tours. Yes, we can do that too, but prospective homeowners aren’t just buying floor space, they are buying into a neighborhood, a lifestyle, a dream. We paint a picture that no four walls can show, and we do it creatively with your budget in mind.

We make it easy for you, offering a wide variety of price packages to suit your budget. Custom concepts are available and encouraged to take your selling to another level. Social videos, hosted tours, neighborhood and agent profiles are just some of the ways to get your message out.

4siteVideo is dedicated to your success,  We guarantee our work. We offer quick turnaround from shooting to final delivery, so you can start selling now.

Video Production Pricing

Home Video Tour


  • 1-2 minute video shot in HD

  • 2-3 hrs on location

  • Camera stabilizer for smooth walk through shots

  • Licensed music

  • Add logos and CTA

  • 1-2 day turnaround

  • Exterior shots

  • up to 3,000 sqft


Add Drone

This is a basic WALK THROUGH video tour and does not include close ups.

Home Video Tour


Everything included in PLUS and


Add Drone

  • On Camera intro and close

  • up to 4 hrs on location

  • Professional lighting

  • Professional audio

  • You provide script

  • Come camera ready and prepared

  • We help coach



Home Video Tour


Everything included in Basic, plus:

  • 3-4 hrs on location

  • additional close up shots highlighting detailed features.

  • Additional graphics


Add Drone

Looking for a little bit extra love. This is the PKG for you, we take time to show off the big selling points of your home.

Home Video Tour

Starting at 2k

Everything in Hosted and these options.

  • Script writing

  • Professional VO

  • Neighborhood shots

  • lifestyle videos

  • Actors

  • Social Video Pkg

*Rates are for properties within 20 miles of 90278

Ask about our popular Realtor Profile Videos

Get in the game! Come on, the days of putting your face on a bus bench have passed by. Unless you really want to see what you look like with a mustache?

Sure ads and print are needed, but there is no better way to make a personal connection than creating a compelling video to promote yourself as the go-to agent for your area.
This really is a must have if you are serious about boosting your image and sales.

The fact is, before a prospective home buyer even looks at a house, they have to choose a realtor. Stand out from the crowd. Someone is much more likely to give you a call, if they already feel like they know you and more importantly you know them, because you understand their needs and express your knowledge for them to see.

4siteVideo can produce a wide range of engaging videos to suite you budget.
The best thing about a profile video?  Long after the home is sold, your video is still up and selling, hooking the next prospective buyer. It’s like having a 24-7 sales person online,  continually getting your message out.

Some Examples of our work

Real Estate Video Production

Real Estate Video Production

Real Estate Video Production
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Own the Beach?

Own the Beach?

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