Working with Start-ups is how we started.

Founder Greg Montemurro, started his company in 2009. Greg saw the potential of video being the driving force for brands even in the early stages of social media.

One of 4siteVideo's first clients was a company called

Montemurro along with former associate Carlota Espinosa produced popular fashion videos and flash sale videos that helped the company explode. Nobody was really doing it to the extent we did at that time.

Utilizing another key advocate, Jillian Barberie helped promote these sales on Fox's Good Day LA. sold to Nordstrom for $270 million just 2 years later. 

Hell yea, we wish we had equity!

Archival Video from 2010,

Jillian Barberie, Fox11, Good Day LA.


Hipswap was another success story, utilizing celebrities that enabled a mainstream audience literally to shop their closet.

4siteVideo produced weekly revealing videos, as celebrities opened their closets and showed off their clothes, allowing anybody to buy.

Experience GPS Tours

Experience GPS Tours produces beautifully crafted audio walking tours creating a completely immersive sensory experience. 

Their Hermosa Beach Tour, takes you on a musical journey in time and explains how this little beach town became a mecca for trailblazing music.

Greg Montemurro working with Founder Adam Molovani, produced their kick-off video to promote downloads for the tour.

4siteVideo produced additional video content to promote the tour across all social platforms.

The groups have gotten larger now and have expanded to groups tours, generating new enthusiasm for this town and its culture.