Video Production Pricing

We pride ourselves on delivering high Quality Video Content

at affordable prices.

A video is a reflection of your Brand.

Sure, seems everyone knows someone with a DSLR these days, or even an iPhone  who might be able to shoot you something on the cheap, but if quality lighting, professional audio, award winning editing and creativity, are held in high regard,  you have come to the right place. 

After all, this video will be representative of your values to your customers.

Now, on social, a natural and less overly produced video is often more relatable. It's all about speaking to your audience and that is where every video starts with discovery and questions and we ask a lot of them, so we can create video content  that resonates with your potential or current clients.

High Quality Video Production that won't break the Bank.

How do we do it?  We are an agile team with little overhead of a pricey Production Company. We rely on a core team and a roster of go-to creatives. That allows us to work on a wide range of projects, from small to large and everything in-between.

So what are our prices?

While every video production is unique, we do try to be flexible to your budget concerns and will work to try and help find a solution that best suits your needs.

For small Businesses, we understand your challenges and to make it easy. offer these SMALL BUSINESS PACKAGE DEALS.

If these don't fit, we are happy to give you a custom quote for your custom video. 

For larger shoots please refer to our day rates for Video Production Prices.

We are in your corner: We take pride in your success and maximizing your dollars.

Often, we will suggest ways to to produce additional content during your shoot, for social sharing or re-purposing.

Bigger bang for your buck. After all, one video is great, numerous videos are awesome!

Video Production Day Rates





*Rates are subject to change. There is often a range in rate depending on the complexity of the shoot and the crew we are using. We will find the best option that suits your production needs and budget.


Camera pkg includes basic lighting Pkg & audio.

Price is dependent on camera and lens PKG used, from DSLR to Red Helium


Sometimes your DP or cinematographer will double as your director or producer.

Audio Mixer/Boom op


Script Writing 


Creative Concept &




For professional sound, interviews, studio or

on-location. Bad audio with great video means nothing.

Short of a typical Videographer event shoot, most shoots will require an extra hand for maneuverability, speed and safety.

Seasoned Storytellers to craft a compelling video.

Chief lighting tech and electrical

Collaborate, meet and present idea.

Initial consult always free

Award winning editor, FCPX, Adobe Creative Suite, motion Graphics, Music sweetening and basic color grading.

From non-union to top level talent, we can hold a casting session and deliver choices on video.


Non-union talent.

Hair and Makeup

Got to look good, right?



FAA Licensed Aerial Pilots

Green Screen, White Backdrop or designed set. Small Studio 16 X 16

Day Rate

Day Rate

Day Rate

Day Rate

$350 minimum

Day Rate

Day Rate

First 2 hrs,

$150 per additional hr.

Large Studio with extras

$1700 per day.

Day Rate

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