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Sizzle Reels

How do you like your Sizzle?

Need a trailer video to show off your show, film, or brand? Here are just a few examples of the many Sizzle reels we have created. In some cases we are handed the material to work our magic.

In others, we produce a script and offer full video production services, from creative, to shoot, and post.

Dallas & Robo

Working with Big Door Inc. Producer/editor Greg Montemurro edited the official trailer and theatrical release of YouTube's Original series, Dallas and Robo.


One of the busiest border crossings in the world is also one of the most dangerous. Someone is murdered over drugs in Tijuana every 9hrs.

This show follows the drug cartels and the special forces trying to take them down. 

Party Around The World

4siteVideo Created this sizzle for a

travel site in conjunction with a campaign contest and marketing plan.

YouTube Creative Summit

Working with Big Door Inc. Producer/editor Greg Montemurro created this video that exemplified the year for YouTube Creators and kicked off their yearly Creative Summit.
THE UNIQUE CHALLENGE: Incorporating 100 of the top influencers to weave a story through this themed video of community, helping each other and a brighter future.

Howl! featuring Bryan Bailey

Former special ops and dog trainer, teaches people how to control and better their lives by working with wolves and other people in the wild.

Beverly Hills Auction House

4siteVideo created this sizzle for a family owned auction house in Beverly Hills that follows the high stakes drama of searching for and auctioning exotic finds.

River Rats

A project that was in development for MTV. The life of River Rafters, the cut throat  business and the clients who come to enjoy the river. Chaos, fun, fights and drinks.

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