How do you like your Sizzle?

Need a trailer video to show off your show, film, or Brand? Here are just a few examples of the many Sizzle reels we have created. In some cases we are handed the material to work our magic.

in others, we produce a script and offer full video production services from creative to shoot and post.

Dallas & Robo

Working with Big Door Inc. Producer/editor Greg Montemurro edited the official trailer and theatrical release of YouTube's Original series, Dallas and Robo.

YouTube Creative Summit

Working with Big Door Inc. Producer/editor Greg Montemurro created this video that exemplified the year for YouTube Creators and kicked off their yearly Creative Summit. A conference for the top YouTube influencers. 

Party Around The World

4siteVideo Created this sizzle for a

travel site in conjunction with a campaign contest and marketing plan.

Beverly Hills Auction House

4siteVideo created this sizzle for an Auction House in Beverly Hills

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