Video Production Rates

4siteVideo Video Production Rates

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Rates are subject to change. There is often a range in rate depending on the complexity of the shoot and the crew we are using. We will find the best option that suits your production needs and budget.


Audio Mixer/Boom op


Camera pkg includes basic lighting Pkg &  shotgun or Lav, audio.

Price is dependent on camera and lens PKG used, from DSLR to Red Epic and beyond.

For professional sound, interviews, studio or

on-location. Bad audio with great video means nothing.

Short of a typical Videographer event shoot, most shoots will require an extra hand for maneuverability, speed and safety.

Day Rate

Day Rate

Day Rate


Script Writing 


Creative Concept &




Sometimes your DP or cinematographer will double as your director

Seasoned Storytellers to craft a compelling video.

Planning, research, organizing assets

Collaborate, meet and present idea.

Initial consult always free

Award winning Producer/editor, FCPX, Adobe Creative Suite, motion Graphics, Music sweetening and basic color grading.

From non-union to top level talent, we can hold a casting session and deliver choices on video.


Non-union talent.

Hair and Makeup

You've got to look good right? Nothing worse that someone sweating on camera.


FAA Licensed Aerial Pilots


Green Screen, White Backdrop or designed set. Small Studio 16 X 16

Day Rate

$350 minimum

Day Rate

Day Rate

First 2 hrs,

$150 per additional hr.

Large Studio with extras

$1700 per day.

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