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Real Estate Video Production

Updated: Sep 21, 2019

4siteVideo is your video production company for Real Estate and commercial video production in Los Angeles and around the world.

If you need to promote your real estate, property, development, resort, or even a town, 4siteVideo can produce a compelling video to attract the attention you are looking for.

Every home has a story to tell!

We excel at telling a story, after all you are selling more than a home, you are selling a neighborhood, a lifestyle.

When Sotheby’s International Reality wanted to sell an exclusive property in Portuguese Bend they called on 4siteVideo to think outside the box. Sure, there are no shortage of photographers who can take pictures of a house, and numerous companies can produce a cheap video tour, but 4siteVideo’s “Live the Dream” campaign was a unique and interesting take Sotheby’s was looking for, to make this a successful marketing campaign.

The new calling card for Realtors. The Profile Video

The days of putting your face on a bus bench have passed by. Unless you really want to see what you look like with a mustache? Sure ads and print are needed, but there is no better way to make a personal connection than creating a compelling video to promote yourself as the go-to agent for your area. This really is a must have if you are serious about boosting your image and sales.

The fact is, before a prospective home buyer even looks at a house, they have to choose a realtor. Stand out from the crowd. Someone is much more likely to give you a call, if they already feel like they know you and more importantly you know them, because you understand their needs and express your knowledge for them to see.

GlobalView can produce a wide range of engaging videos to suite you budget. The best thing about a profile video?  Long after the home is sold, your video is still up and selling, hooking the next prospective buyer. It’s like having a 24-7 sales person online,  continually getting your message out.

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