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The World's First Silent Music Festival

No doubt we can all use some more outdoor fun, right?

Before winter and the most recent lockdown, 4siteVideo was privileged to help showcase an innovative, experience with health/safety in mind,

to a select and limited audience: World of Sound Production's first ever silent concert festival, "Once in a Blue Moon"

A physically distanced and socially connected experience,

this magical 3 day weekend, was enhanced within the beautiful and expansive landscape of Joshua Tree.

Camping amongst the rocks and hillside, a variety of sounds from 7 bands performed to a distanced audience connected wirelessly to headphones, ears immersed in studio quality sound, eyes stimulated by the sites of this desert wonderland.

But why is it called a silent concert? Well it's only silent, if you take your headphones off.

The fact is, typical concerts produce a very loud audio level that is disruptive to the surrounding areas and require permits that may be unattainable in such pristine locations.

Besides producing an amazing studio quality sound, you are able watch the band, walk around or take your headsets off to enjoy a casual conversation without trying to talk over the music - interrupting another attendee's experience.

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